Simone Mitchell

Strokes4Stroke 2024

I’m excited to be a part of Strokes4Stroke

I've created a painting, post stroke, called “Imagine It Is So,” to raise much needed funds for Stroke Foundation to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. 

Did you know that stroke can affect anyone at any time, even babies in utero? Shockingly, there is one stroke occurring every 19 minutes, making it one of Australia's biggest killers. It claims more lives than breast cancer in women and more lives than prostate cancer in men. And incredibly, approximately 600 Australian children suffer from stroke each year. 

With every donation you make, you'll unveil one square of my artwork, bringing me closer to reaching my fundraising goal and revealing my complete artwork! Can you help me by making a donation? 

  • Tile donated by Lisa Ryan

  • Tile donated by Simone Minett

  • Tile donated by Simone Mitchell

  • Tile donated by Kaypeter Mitchell

  • Tile donated by Jayne Watson

  • Tile donated by Drew Mitchell

  • Tile donated by Lesley & Neville

  • Tile donated by Emma Mcwilliam

  • Tile donated by Sherryn Hind

  • Tile donated by Jane Meyer

  • Tile donated by Lynne Millen

  • Tile donated by Cath Webb

  • Tile donated by Lisa Mcwilliam


Thank you to my Sponsors


Lesley & Neville

Well done Simone. Can’t wait to see the painting.


Simone Mitchell


Cath Webb


Drew Mitchell



Lynne Millen


Kaypeter Mitchell

Well done Simone. Commendable effort. Love xx


Jayne Watson

What a champion getting stronger everyday!


Sherryn Hind


Emma Mcwilliam



Simone Minett

Love you! What a creative and beautiful way to raise funds for a much needed cause. 😍


Jane Meyer


Lisa Ryan

Well done Simone! I hope you are recovering well xx


Lisa Mcwilliam