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What is Strokes4Stroke?

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Strokes4Stroke is a fundraising event for art enthusiasts.  Schools, students and artists from all over Australia are coming together to create amazing pieces of art and fundraise for Stroke Foundation.

Every dollar you raise directly supports Stroke Foundation's mission to prevent stroke, save lives, and help the 445,000 Australians living with the impact of stroke.

When is Strokes4Stroke?

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The official dates for Strokes4Stroke are 1-31 May.  However, you can hold an event or fundraise for us any time throughout the year. All you need to do is create your fundraising page, share the link with your family, friends and work colleagues etc and then get creative. 

The online auction only happens annually in May, and you can find out more about participating in that here.

Who can participate in Strokes4Stroke?

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Strokes4Strokes is open to any school, business or individual right across Australia. Are you having a girls night paint and sip?  Why not make it a fundraiser for Stroke Foundation.  With one first time stroke occurring every 19 minutes, we’re calling on all Australians to embrace arts and craft and raise vital funds for Stroke Foundation.

What type of artwork can we create?

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There are no limitations on the type of artwork you can create at school, in your workplace or with your friends. 


How do I register my school?

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Yay! We’re can’t wait have you join Strokes4Stroke.  Registering is easy, just click here, enter your details and create your school team.  On your dashboard you’ll find a user guide with loads of information, and our resources tab has everything you need to get your school community excited.

How do I organise a StrokeSafe speaker to attend my school?

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Having a StrokeSafe speaker attend your school assembly or personal development day for teachers is a great way to be better informed about stroke and become advocates in your community. You can email the team on to discuss this further.

Where do I find the resources on F.A.S.T. (Face. Arms. Speech. Time.) and childhood stroke?

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All our resources on understanding and preventing stroke, including the F.A.S.T. (Face. Arms. Speech. Time.) signs can be found on our resources page here.

How do I get my students to raise funds online?

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On your resource page in your dashboard, there is a parent/guardian flyer you can give to all students with instructions on how to sign up.  Once they’ve registered there is a fundraising guide on their dashboard, or you can find it here.

Some other great ways to get students fundraising include:

  • Share your Strokes4Stroke sign up link via the school’s newsletter, apps and social media.
  • Once parents have registered encourage them to share the link to their online fundraising page via e-mail and through their socials with friends, family, and work colleagues.
  • Share important fundraising messages and event information on Strokes4Stroke to your school community in the lead up to your event. Celebrate the creativity of the school community and their fundraising achievements.
  • Reminders to parents are a great way to keep the excitement going. So is giving an update or inviting one of our StrokeSafe speakers to your school assembly.
  • Students can download the “How to Raise $100’ from the resource page on their dashboard and use that as a guide for fundraising. Remember that every donation will uncover a square on their online artwork, so the more donations they receive, the quicker their artwork will be revealed.

Creating a school team

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Teamwork makes the dream work! Being creative is fun by yourself, but it's even more fun with friends.   

Participating in Strokes4Stroke is a great way to bring the school community together through art.  

Register your school by following the prompts and then share the link throughout your school community.  Encourage your students to participate in Strokes4Stroke with you by including your school link in newsletters, on socials and hand out the parent flyer to take home.

Who is the team captain?

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The captain is the person who created the team.

If you'd like to change who this is, please contact us on 1300 194 196 or email us at and this is a quick fix for our team.

Can anyone join my school team?

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As the Team Captain you will have the option to allow anyone to join your team, or you can set your team to private so only those you invite can join. 

To edit your team setting, simply:

  • Log in to your fundraising page dashboard.
  • Click on ‘My Team’
  • Click on ‘Edit Team Page’ and
  • Update YES or NO to allow anyone to join my team.

How do I edit the school's team fundraising goal?

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As the team captain, you can update the team fundraising goal. To do this, you will need to:

  • Login to your dashboard.
  • Go to ‘My Team’ and then 'Edit Team Page'.
  • Here you can update your team profile image and fundraising target.
  • Click ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the page.


How do I register my child?

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Registering your child is easy. Click on the ‘Register as a parent’ button and follow the prompts.  You will be asked to enter your details as the parent/guardian, and then be asked to include details of your child. During registration, you will be able to search for the school team and join.

Joining a school team

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You may be invited to join a team by being sent a link by a teacher or through the school newsletter. This link will take you through the registration process to create your child's personal fundraising page and then become a team member of the school.

Please note, make sure you register using your details before you create your child's page and join the school team.

What if I can't find my child's team to join?

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If you’re having difficulty finding the school team, confirm the team name of the school with the teacher in charge, or alternatively you can contact our team at and we’ll be able to help.

What can I do when I log in to my dashboard?

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When you log into your fundraising dashboard, you have access to a whole range of resources including fundraising tools and downloads.

This is your secure fundraising dashboard that only you can see. You can:

  • Set a fundraising goal for your child, add a picture of your child's artwork and story.
  • Download fundraising tips to help you achieve your fundraising goals.
  • Send emails to ask for donations and track your fundraising results.
  • Download posters and social media resources.
  • Thank your donors by writing them a personalised thank you email.
  • Update your profile, contact details and change your password.
  • Accept or delete comments from donors.
  • Pay-in cash donations received and more!

Log in now and check it out!  

I have more than one child participating. How do I see all their fundraising pages?

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We love it when families participate in Strokes4Stroke!  Art is such a fun activity to do together.

When you register as a parent, you will be able to then register all children participating in Strokes4Stroke. They will each have their own individual fundraising page which can be shared to family and friends for donations.  

You will be able to switch between your children's profiles in the top right hand corner of your dashboard.

How do I upload my child’s artwork?

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Uploading your child’s artwork is quick and easy.

1. Take a landscape photo of your child's artwork
2. Log into your fundraising dashboard
3. Select your child's profile
4. Select "Edit My Page"
5. Select "Choose Image"
6. Select "Update Details"

Why is my child’s artwork greyed out on their fundraising page?

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Every donation you receive to your fundraising page will reveal the artwork behind one of the grey squares.  Once you’ve received 16 donations or you’ve hit your fundraising goal, your whole picture will be revealed.

Remember the more money you raise for Strokes4Stroke, the more you will help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

There are 16 squares, so if you ask 16 people for $5 each, you’ll raise $80 for Stroke Foundation. How cool is that!

When does my child start fundraising?

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Great question! Your child can start fundraising as soon as they have registered. If your child hasn’t completed their artwork yet, that's totally ok. 

Sharing that your child is participating in Strokes4Stroke is a great way to engage with your personal network. 

Once your child’s artwork is complete, give a shout out through socials and email to encourage donations. Every donation your child receives will uncover a square, so the more donations they receive, the quicker their artwork will be revealed.

My child would like to join but the school isn't participating this year.  Can I register them?

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Of course you can! All you need to do is register them as an artist.  Simply click here and follow the prompts.

How do I reset my password? 

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To reset your password, click on ‘Login’ and select ‘Forgot password’.   


Do you have any tools to help me with my fundraising?  

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When you register for Strokes4Stroke you’ll gain access to fundraising tips and downloadable resources, like social media tiles, and posters.

All these resources are designed to help you raise money, thank your sponsors and share your progress. 

How do I get sponsors?

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When you sign up for Strokes4Stroke, you'll get a fundraising page where you can upload photos, post videos to your timeline, choose a fundraising goal and tell your story.

One of the easiest ways to get sponsors is to share your child's fundraising page on social media and send emails to family, friends and work colleagues asking for support. 

From within the fundraising dashboard, you can send emails asking for donations. Log in and click - My Fundraising > Get Sponsors. The email template will contain a link to your fundraising page, where people can contribute with their credit card – easy!

There are other fundraising tips and ideas available to download on your dashboard.

Start asking for donations as early as possible. Remember that by asking someone to donate to you, you are allowing them to support an extremely worthwhile cause. So cast your net wide, family and friends, colleagues, business contacts, staff from other businesses in your building, suppliers, clients.

Don't forget to sponsor yourself/child first!  This will show your family and friends you're all committed to raising as much as you can.

How do I share my child’s page if I’m not on Facebook?

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There are so many ways you can share your child’s page; Facebook is just one option. Other options include Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS or good old-fashioned email. To access these options, select ‘Get support’ in your child’s dashboard. In here you can send emails directly by using our template message.

Where do the funds go? 

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When you sign up for Strokes4Stroke and fundraise, you’ll be making a meaningful difference to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. Your help means we can do more.

Your funds will help support:

  • Researchers and health professionals across Australia and around the world who are constantly working to improve treatments, enhance recovery after stroke and perhaps even find a cure. Your effort in raising funds means that researchers are given the time and resources to do their vital work.
  • Survivors of stroke and their families will have support not just in the immediate aftermath of a stroke, but along the whole journey of recovery – however long that takes.

How can people donate? 

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Share your fundraising link and your family, friends and colleagues can donate directly to your fundraising page. As soon as they make their donation, they will receive a tax-deductible gift receipt (for donations over $2) and their donation amount will automatically be added to your fundraising goal. 

Additionally, every donation will reveal a piece of artwork.  So, the more donations you receive or the faster you get to your target, the quicker the artwork will be completely revealed.

If you’ve been given cash, you can donate the money to your fundraising page on their behalf using a credit or debit card. Refer to "Can I add a cash donation?" for instructions.

Can I add a cash donation? 

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Definitely! You can add a cash donation by following these steps: 

  • Login to your Strokes4Stroke account and go to your dashboard.
  • Select the ‘My Donations’ button.
  • You can then follow the prompts to add the cash to your page using your credit or debit card.
  • If you enter the cash donors first name, last name and email address the donation platform will email them a receipt for the donation.

How can I change my child’s fundraising goal?  

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If your child hits their fundraising target, that's an outstanding achievement.  Don't stop the momentum, consider increasing their target! They are doing an amazing thing to support Stroke Foundation and every dollar really does make a huge difference.

Simply log in to your fundraising page dashboard, click on ‘Edit My Page’ and update your fundraising target.   

Can I thank my donors? 

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Absolutely. Thanking your donors is very important. Together, you are all making a huge difference and every dollar you raise is vital to preventing stroke, saving lives and enhancing the recovery of hundreds of thousands of Australians.

Once you sign up to Strokes4Stroke, on the dashboard you’ll have access to loads of free resources such as email templates and social media assets that you can use to thank your donors.  

You can also choose to send thank you messages directly from your dashboard by clicking ‘my donations’ and following the prompts.

Are there social media resources to help share my Strokes4Stroke page?

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We have a range of messages and images available under Resources on your fundraising dashbaord for you to use.

When you are posting make sure you use the #Strokes4Stroke hashtag and also tag Stroke Foundation.

Facebook tag: @StrokeFoundation

LinkedIn tag: @StrokeFoundation

Instagram tag: @Strokefdn

Twitter tag: @Strokefdn

I've reached my fundraising goal. What's next?

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Congratulations, that’s an amazing effort! We encourage you to keep on going, update your fundraising target and tell your friends you’re wanting to raise even more for Stroke Foundation. To do this simply:

  • Login to your fundraising page
  • Select 'Edit My page'
  • Scroll down to 'Update Your Strokes4Stroke Fundraising Page'
  • Make sure you select 'save changes'

Keep up the great work! Your fundraising efforts mean so much to people across Australia living with the effects of stroke.


When does the art auction start and finish?

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Strokes4Stroke art auction opens at 9:00am on Tuesday 21st May AEST, and will close at 5:00pm on Friday 31st May AEST.  

How do I bid on a piece of art?

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Visit the online auction here.   You’ll need to register as a bidder. To register you’ll need to include your name, phone number and email address. Once you’ve registered, you’ll need to verify your registration before you can bid. 

To Register via Browser 
    To Register via TEXT 
    • Text: strokes4stroke and your full name 
    • To +61458678678 
    • Example: strokes4stroke John Smith 
    • Follow the registration link you are sent by text from GalaBid. 
    Browse the amazing artwork on offer and bid on any that you like. 

    When can I register as a bidder?

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    You can register now, but you will not be able to bid until the auction is live from 9.00am (AEST) Tuesday 21 May 2024. 

    What happens if I am outbid and want to bid again?

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    If you are outbid, you will receive a notification with a link back to the item. You can click this link to take you directly to the item where you have the option to place a higher bid. 

    The item you have been outbid on will have an ‘outbid’ label next to the item name. 

    You can also check by going to the ‘my account’ tab and clicking on ‘activity’.  

    Is there a reserve?

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    Yes! Each piece will have a minimum starting bid. This starting bid will vary depending on the artwork.

    Is there a minimum bid?

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    Yes! Each lot number will have a minimum bid. This will be described as the “next minimum bid”.

    Do I only have to bid the minimum required?

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    NoThe minimum bid is the smallest amount you must bid. If you love a piece of art and would like to own it, you can bid a higher amount.  

    Will I get notified if I’m outbid?

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    Yes, you will receive an email/sms to let you know that you’ve been outbidAs it gets closer to the auction closing time, make sure you’re logged in and watching the item you’d love to ownThis is the best time to make your winning bid!  

    Will I get notified if I’m the winner?

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    Yes! You’ll get an email to let you know what you’ve won, and your email will include a link to an invoice with payment details.  

    How do I pay for my item?

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    You can pay for your item by credit card or eft through GalaBidThere will be information in your email and on the invoice with payment details.   

    Will I get a receipt once I’ve paid?

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    You will receive an invoice from Galabid that will show you’ve paid for your Strokes4Stroke auction item. Please note, as you are purchasing an item, the receipt is not tax deductible. 

    When do I get my artwork?

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    Once you’ve paid for your item, we’ll contact you to arrange delivery. We know how excited you will be to own your very own Strokes4Stroke artwork, so we’ll do our absolute best to get it out to you as soon as we can. 

    Will I have to pay for shipping?

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    Stroke Foundation will be covering the cost of shipping artwork to the winning bidder. If you would like to pay for shipping, so more of your bid can go towards our vital work, please contact the team at 

    Who can bid on an artwork?

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    Anyone over the age of 18 can register and bid on the artwork.  

    Do the artists get a portion of my bid for their artwork?

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    No, they don’tWe’re so grateful that all artists have generously donated their artwork to the Strokes4Stroke Art Auction so 100% of your support can go towards Stroke Foundation’s mission of preventing stroke, saving lives and enhancing recovery. 

    Will my artwork be insured for loss or damage in transit?

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    We understand that sometimes things can happen and we would love you to receive your winning item prompty and safely. In the event that a piece of artwork does go missing or is damaged, the following coverage will be applicable:

    Items valued over $500 will be sent Registered Post with extra cover for loss or damage and will require a signature required on delivery.

    Items valued between $100 and $500 will be sent via Registered Post and will require a signature on delivery.

    Any item under $100 will be sent via regular post with tracking.


    I’m an artist and would like to donate my artwork. How do I register?

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    Thank you for your generosity. Registering to participate in our online auction is very easy, simply register your expression of interest here. One of our friendly team members will be in touch to talk through the next steps. 

    Where do I send my art? 

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    When sending in your art, make sure that you wrap it securely to prevent damage and include your name, contact number, the title of the artwork and description so we know who it belongs to.  

    Please contact the Strokes4Stroke team at for postal information.

    How do I send my piece of art in?

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    Posting your piece of art is recommended, and we encourage using a tracking number, however we will leave that to your discretion.  

    If you have a large sculpture or object that you’d like to hand deliver, please contact the Strokes4Stroke team at to chat through this further.

    What is the deadline to have my art to Stroke Foundation? 

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    To ensure we have enough time to photograph and upload your artwork, we’d love to receive it by 3rd May 2024We understand that sometimes art takes a little while to create, and the post can be slow, so please ensure you've left enough time for it to arrive

    Will I get paid out of the proceeds of the auction? 

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    While we’d love to be able to support artists, the Strokes4Stroke online auction is a dedicated fundraiser for Stroke FoundationArtists submitting their work for the auction do so with the understanding that they are donating their art to help Stroke Foundation raise money to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.  

    Will you cover the cost of postage for sending my artwork? 

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    Our aim for events such as the Strokes4Stroke online fundraiser is to keep our costs as low as possible. Your support in paying to post your artwork to us is greatly appreciated, as this means that more of your hard-earned fundraising dollars go straight back to helping people when they need it most.

    Can I also fundraise for Stroke Foundation? 

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    Of course!  Every dollar you raise makes a huge difference to our mission of preventing stroke, saving lives, and enhancing recovery. With one stroke occurring every 19 minutes and over 445,000 Australians living with the effects of stroke, we need your help now more than ever.  

    Fundraising through an online fundraising page, holding your own exhibition, paint and sip night, or donating a portion of your artwork through the month of May are all quick and easy ways to help support Stroke Foundation. 

    How do I share my piece of art to my audience/followers? 

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    Once your art has been loaded to the online auction site, we’ll send you the link to share.  While you’ll have access to the link, your network won’t be able to bid until the auction is live on 24th May. 

    Including reminders in your newsletter, on your socials, in your studio or at your market stall are all great ways to promote the auction and your generosity and support of Stroke Foundation.

    How will I be recognised as the artist? 

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    Your name and title of the artwork will be displayed with your piece of art.  

    What are the terms and conditions of participating in the online auction? 

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    If you’d like to read through the artist terms and conditions, you can find them here. 

    If you can't find the information you are after, want to chat or need further help, please  send us an email.

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