Unleash your creativity and
raise funds to prevent stroke,
save lives and enhance recovery

In May 2024, unleash your creativity for Stroke Foundation

Join us in May 2024 for an exciting opportunity to channel your artistic passion to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery for survivors of stroke.

Strokes4Stroke is a fundraising event that brings together schools, students, and artists from all over Australia to create inspiring artwork and raise vital funds for Stroke Foundation.

Whether you're a seasoned artist, a creative student, or an art enthusiast, this event is your chance to make a significant impact while expressing your creativity.

Why your help is important

Stroke is one of Australia's biggest killers, with one stroke occurring every 19 minutes. Stroke doesn't discriminate; it affects anyone, anytime, even unborn babies. It claims more lives than breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. And incredibly, around 600 Australian children experience stroke each year.

Stroke Foundation is committed to a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke.
Together, we can change the state of stroke in Australia for generations to come.

Get creative, make a difference, and be a part of Strokes4Stroke today.

Inspire, Create, Educate

Strokes4Stroke invites schools and their students to unleash their creativity by creating a special work of art or another creative piece. By participating, students not only have the chance to express themselves artistically but also raise funds for Stroke Foundation. Along the way, they'll learn about the F.A.S.T. (Face. Arms. Speech. Time.) signs of stroke and childhood stroke, empowering them to become ambassadors for stroke awareness in their communities.

Artists & Crafters Unite

Strokes4Stroke also welcomes artists and crafters to use their artistic talents to raise funds for Stroke Foundation. You can participate by donating an item for our online auction or sign up to fundraise in a way that suits you. Your generosity and talent will help raise funds to prevent stroke, save lives, and enhance recovery for more Australians. Every creation and donation brings us closer to a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke. 

Build Your Art Collection

Calling all art enthusiasts! This is your opportunity to make a meaningful difference through your passion for art. We invite you to explore our wonderful selection of art pieces available for online bidding in our exclusive Strokes4Stroke auction.

By bidding on these captivating artworks, you not only have the chance to add a masterpiece to your collection but also help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.


Students & Artists


If you have any questions or need help along the way, take a look at our FAQ’s page or send us an email.

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