The Jim McDonald Memorial Event

By Phil McDonald Join Me

World record sparring attempt to raise awareness of stoke risk factors

I'll attempt history when I step into the ring on 2nd April 2022. I'll be taking on amateur and professional boxers across a series of 150 three-minute rounds, aiming to beat the standing record of 142 rounds.

I'm doing all this to raise funds for Stroke Foundation in memory of my father, James, who passed away from a stroke in 2021.

My father was the greatest mentor I could ask for in life. He was a man that led by example for his whole 82 years. I miss him greatly and his life lessons will forever stay with me. I want to use this opportunity to raise awareness of stroke risk factors and encourage people to take back control of their health. Raising these funds will make a difference to survivors of stroke and to stroke research.

Stroke can affect anyone, at any age and more than 80 per cent of strokes are preventable. People with health issues including high blood pressure, being overweight having high cholesterol or diabetes, are those most at risk. 

Quick action in a stroke emergency can have a significant impact on a person’s recovery, which is why Stroke Foundation wants more people to become aware of the F.A.S.T acronym.

FACE – has their mouth drooped?

ARMS – Can they lift both arms?

SPEECH – Is their speech slurred?

TIME is critical. If any of these signs appears, call 000 immediately.


The funds we raise funds stroke research and saves lives, as well as to fund programs that support survivors of stroke and their families.

You can connect with me through my public Facebook group, The Power of Community.  

The world record is officially 141 rounds although it is no longer being updated by the Guinness World Records organisation. In 2017 a UK man went 142 sparring rounds to beat the official record, acknowledging it would not be formally recognised. 

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Mollymook Golf Club

Good luck Phil!


Adam O’brien

Good Man Your Father Was Good To Me When He Took Me On Holidays With You And Ur Family Great Memory’s Mate πŸ‘πŸ‘


Graham White


Martyn Pepperell

I would say “good luck” but I know with or without luck you will achieve your goal because you are a doer, a top bloke, πŸ™πŸ™


Ammo & Pc

You’ve got this Phil…Legend PC & Ammo



Good luck to you


Pete Walker

Good luck on Saturday Phil


Shane Osullivan


Claire Theron

Your vision, passion and actions are inspiring Phil. Wishing you success beyond your imagination. Love you cuz


Paul & Lyn Mcivor

Great work Phil. Jim would have been proud πŸ‘



A great cause Phil. My brother in law had a stroke recently and us now recovering. A wonderful way to honour your Dad.


Abbey Montgomery

Cheers Phil for what you do, good luck.


Tom Tobin


Sam Abdulrahim

Love ya brother, your my motivation



Good on you Phil. A worthy cause.


Stephen Breheny

Nice work Phil


Laurie And Kim Potent

Good on you Phil πŸ‘ A great cause. Both Laurie's mum and her mum died from stroke.



A great challenge, by and for a great man!


Michael Gantzias

I know you'll do your best mate πŸ₯ŠπŸ₯Š


Belinda Bell

Good on you Phil and all the organisers of this event, really hope you reach your goal !!


Lachie Self


Tricia Brady