In Loving Memory

Remember the life of someone you love by creating a tribute page. Your gift will begin a lasting legacy of change to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery.

Remembering a life lived begins with stories of love and challenges, accomplishments and achievements.

The most important thing about a life lived is the connections formed along the way.

The loss of someone you love is devastating.  Supporting Stroke Foundation’s efforts to prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery can help build a future where the impact of stroke is lessened.

Stroke Foundation is committed to a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke. The legacy you create in memory of your loved one will be invaluable to that commitment. 

You can honour your loved one’s memory by creating a In Loving Memory tribute page.

Your tribute page can provide a space for family and friends to share beloved memories, as well as collect donations to support Stroke Foundation’s work.


Set up a tribute page and invite family and friends to donate to your tribute page and leave messages of love and support in memory of a loved one.

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Find an existing tribute page to make a donation and leave a message of love and support in memory of a loved one.

Donate in memory

Make a donation in love and support of a loved one.

Request donation envelopes

In lieu of flowers, friends and family can make a donation to Stroke Foundation using our donation envelopes.

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