The broad impact of stroke

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I'm fundraising to prevent, treat and beat stroke!

I went back and forth about whether or not to do this but the reasons not to are outweighed by those in favour of it. 

Turning 40 this year highlighted just how young my Mum was when, at just 45, she suffered life altering strokes. 

Last year, I spoke at an event for work to highlight the broad impact that stroke has, both for the stroke survivor and their family. 

A colleague recorded my speech and, if you’ve got a spare ten minutes, I’d like to ask you to watch it. 

It’s a deeply personal story and I get emotional throughout but my reason for sharing it is to also ask for your support. 

This year there will be almost 56,000 new and recurrent strokes, that is one stroke every 9 minutes.

Stroke is one of Australia's biggest killers and a leading cause of disability. It kills more women than breast cancer and more men than prostate cancer.

If you can spare anything to help me achieve my goal of $500 to support Stroke Foundation Australia, it would mean more than I can express. 

Thanks in advance, 


My Updates

Let’s do this!

Tuesday 25th Aug
Stroke Awareness Week
31 August – 6 September 2020

In less than two days, I have been overwhelmed by the kind words and donations received. 

My original goal of $500 has been QUADRUPLED which is beyond my expectations! 

It has also emboldened me to aim even higher, ten times higher in fact... 

With Stroke Awareness Week ending on September 6, there are twelve days to make my audacious goal of $5,000 a reality. 

If you can, please donate - if you’re not able to, please share this page with family, friends, workmates and even the mail man - ANYONE! 

Every dollar counts and every donation and message of encouragement and support is appreciated. 

Thank you, 


That was FAST...

Monday 24th Aug
Well, bloody hell... I put this out a few days early as I wasn’t sure I’d get to the $500 goal and it’s already over $1,500 after less than 24 hours. 

I’m very humbled and motivated so I’ve increased the goal to $2,000. 

Thank you everyone for taking time to watch and of course, donate. 
Thursday 13th Aug

Thank you to my Supporters




Shane, Jacqui, Shania, Niko

We love you both xoxo


Paul Dossetto-hinz

You are an amazing Son! You are a true credit to fundraising in Australia! I love you Marty Molly.


Trunette Parker

From Matthew Duncan's Aunty and cousin. Hope this helps you get to your target


George Brown

Well done son, maybe we can hopefully fined a solution to it. Have a great day uncle George.


Mark And Martine Lazic

Awesome work Marty


Dean And Zo

We love you Marty!


Darren Te Maari

For a good cause Marty....come on whanau get behind the cuzzy/nephew, there's enough of us!!


Julie Mccullough

I am so proud of you Marty I loved your speech it was so powerful and loving Love you Big J xx




Paul Pacey


Peta And Brody


Heather Batchelor

Much love so much respect for you and your mum. Such survivors!


Phil & Kerry Weightman

Hey Marty your speech is amazing and so powerful. Phil's Dad was a stroke victim and we know first hand how life altering a stroke is to both the victim and the family. Good on you for fundraising to make a difference to stroke victims and their families. Cheers Kez & Phil x


Susan Cook

Thanks for sharing your story Marty. Xx


Marty Molloy


Jodi Molloy

So proud of you my brother..your speach brought me to tears...your an amazing son and you both beyond your little sister x


Bradley Childs


Cathy Johnstone


Kezza Keeffe


Marty Molloy


Denise Mclachlan

Much love to you Marty and I know how hard you have worked to make your mum s life a happy one you spent so many sundays bring videos and making mums room look so beautiful hug to Alice


Alisa Schuller


Tanya Robinson



Incredible speech Marty!😭❤️




Pat And Shi

Inspirational speech Marty. Keep up the awesome work.


Tammy Vardy

Love this women to bits 🥰


Julie W


Morgan Clayton

For Alice xoxo who looked after me when I was a kid, beautiful woman, inside and out. proud of you Marty. Morgz


Daniela Galofre


Jutheena Slater


Peta Osborne



Lauren Broadbent

Your courage and support of your mum is to be commended. What an amazing story. Thank you for bearing your heart


Kerryn Prentice

Happy to support you Marty


Peta Evans




I wish I was still in the paid workforce Marty!!!


Ryan Whiting

Hope you reach that goal mate. 👍


Amanda Taylor


Wendy Dossetto


Belinda Carter

Well done Marty. 😘your Mum would be proud xx