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By Madison Cole

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I'm fundraising for a great cause!

On one typical evening in 2014, my mums best friend of 30+ years / my best friends Mum was sitting it at home on the couch watching Home & Away when she fell victim to a stroke at 49 years young. She was a healthy mother of 2 young girls who has now been in permanent care ever since. 

Fast forward 4 years, and my best friend, my grandma had the same fate. A social, active, independent 87 year old who had a better social life than me, was also sitting on the couch and in a matter of seconds, her life (and ours) changed forever. 

She has also been in care ever since, with all independence stripped of her. 

This year, I want to raise awareness for Stroke Week to not only raise money for this wonderful foundation but to make sure my friends and family understand and know the signs of a stroke. 

One Australian will have a stroke every 9 minutes and more than 56,000 stroked will be experienced by Australians this year alone. 2 of the people closest to me are sadly a part of these statistics and I really don't want any more to be. 

I know times are tough for all Australians right now, but if are in a position to donate anything at all towards this great cause, please do. No amount is too little or too much.

And please, click on the link and read about the symptoms, statistics, signs, treatment and everything else on this useful website. 

It might just save someones life. 

My Updates

- 100 km DONE / $2000+ RAISED -

Monday 5th Oct
A MASSIVE thank you to everybody who donated and offered words of support. With your incredible generosity, we have raised a WHOPPING $2350 (as of Sep 30th)!!! For what started as a way to raise awareness about strokes & the stroke foundation, turned into a month of having to increase my target time & time again because you incredible people were just so generous with your donations. If any of you learnt a little bit more about the symptoms of strokes & what to do if someone you know has one, then I’ve achieved what I set out to do. I’m absolutely honoured to have had the opportunity to raise this money & absolutely overwhelmed with all of your support, so thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

HIT THE HALF WAY MARK!!! 52km down, 48km to go!

Sunday 13th Sep
The face of someone who as of today:
- has raised over $1500 for the stroke foundation SO FAR
- hit the 52km mark
- hit a PB for 2020
- lost a few cheeky kg’s
- actually ran MORE THAN ONCE

Thank you to my Supporters



Good luck Maddog 😃 you will do it 😉


Peter Davidson


Bridget Gartland

This is a anonymous donation from BRIDGET GRACE GARTLAND of former Flight Centre box hill fame. Congrats on everything you should be very proud. Thanks for being a beacon of light in my insta + Facey feeds. My (and probably alot of people's) feeds are swamped with depressing news stories and complainers but you have used this opportunity to do something good and spread awareness about a great cause so big CLAPS to you. You should treat yo self to a large platter of dumplings when you finish. Your snaps are giving me LIFE lol so thanks for that too. Stay excellent xx


Gisella Koroknai

What a great way to combat this cruel occurrence. So proud of you Maddie!!!


Adam Cole

Well done Squirt


Sam Knock

Good luck Maddie! Hope you reach your goal for such a great cause x



Great work and great cause, love Jason & Lou


Julie Cole

Well done beautiful girl xxx


Joan Barker

Very proud of you Harry. Love Grandma


The Good’s

Go Maddie!!



Great cause. Hope lots of people donate.


Bree Gaskin

You go girl! So proud of you x


Dez, Lor, Keeva & Alby

Great Work Maddie. 💪🏻


Cheryl White

Well done Maddi amazing effort 🤗👏


Alex Knock

Super proud of you Mads, wish I was there to walk it with you! Will be cheering you on from afar. Just let me know if you want Me to create an epic walking playlist ;)! You’re a total badass, and your Gma will be super proud of you ❤️❤️


Samantha Lane

Doing an amazing thing Maddie!! Go girl 🐯


Alex And Steve Northcott

Awesome job Maddie ❤️


Holly Shotton

Great work Madz!!! Absolutely smashed out the 100km and blitzed you’re donation goal. Super proud of you! Hopefully you haven’t burnt a hole in your runners from all the walking you’ve done!


Sue Mcdonough


Kim Winstanley

Go Maddie. Get those feet strutting the pavement!


Silvana Mantella

Welcome done maddie. You are a champ.


Emma Dove

You my friend are the most genuine, kind hearted person I know. I am so proud of you. I love you!


Tracey Nelson

Very proud of you xx


Jacqui Giuliano


Carina Winstanley

Awesome work Maddie! xx


Amber Donoghue

Amazing work Maddie!


Ellen Mercuri


Lynn Oh

Hey Maddie, Your Grandma is so blessed to have you! Take care of yourself and give my best regards to your bestie GM :)


Nathan & Kendra

So proud of you mads! Such a worthwhile cause and Grandma Joan would be so proud!


Rebecca Cavarra

Very proud of you girl, love you to bits!


Maddy O’connor

You’re a superstar, love you!


Dylan Saffigna

Killing it Mads! Proud of ya! 💙


Sinead Kenna

Proud of you Mads, you absolute star!


Trudie Kenna

Great effort Maddy for a great cause on behalf of your beautiful gran. She will be very proud of you.


Stuart And Celeste

Good work Maddie!



:) congrats on smashing it


Mel Cairns


Karen Wilson

Well done Maddie xx



Killing it boo ♥️♥️


Elisa Catanzariti

Proud of you Maddie x




Tay Cole

Proud of you sis 💕


Sam Northcott

your gma is one of the most beautiful souls I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. Amazing work maddo you have a great heart x


Rhiannon Walker

Get it 💪🏽 Proud of u boo x


Jordan Lo Ricco

Such a great cause Maddie! Walk your heart out this month ❤️


Emma Worthington

This is amazing Maddie, wonderful cause 💜


Melinda Walker

Good cause


Phoebe Meares-whitty


Chantelle Chapman

Amazing work Mads! ☺️


De Graaf

Go Maddie xx


Nathan Mcdonald


Miranda Koroknai

Go Mads!! Such a good cause!


Bronte Chaperon

Go Maddie gooooo!


Michelle Wilcox

Love your work mads 💕


Judy Briggs

A cause close to my heart, good luck Mads xx


Madison Cole


Lauren Wills

Love you 💜


Leah Molluso


Rianne Gifford


Jordan Collins


Charlotte Edwards



Hayley Cochrane

Proud of you Mads, you're doing a great thing x