666km in 66 days - Melbourne to Canberra

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Day 65 Update

Tuesday 3rd Nov
Only 1 more day left until our fundraiser is over. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us along the way. We are so thankful for everyone who has donated too 🤍

Day 51 Update

Wednesday 21st Oct
We are currently ahead of schedule which is nice. We have 2 weeks left so we are on the last stretch. P.S storm ain’t really helping get up the km’s, she prefers to lie down in the grass 😂

Day 40 Update

Saturday 10th Oct
26 DAYS LEFT !!! We are currently ahead of schedule and cannot believe we are already this far into our fundraiser. Thank you so much to everyone for your kind words of support and we cannot thank you enough.

Nearly Half Way Through

Thursday 1st Oct
We are nearly half way (days wise), but km and price wise, we are way past the half way mark. Thank you to everyone who is following and suporting us. We love you <3

Powered by 2XU

Saturday 26th Sep
A massive thank you to 2XU for sending us some amazing gear. It has come in very handy with our fundraiser and even our recovery !! We are now "powered by 2XU" !!!

Donation Update

Saturday 26th Sep
OMG so only 25 days into our fundraiser we have already raised over $5,000. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated already. We love you all xx

Day 24 Update

Friday 25th Sep
Over one third of our way into our journey. 289km completed on our virtual ride, which places us in Springhurst. Things are looking up in Victoria on the Covid front !!

Day 18 Update

Saturday 19th Sep
Update: 225 km down 441 to go. Location: Benalla ‘the rose city’ Nearing the halfway point, fatigue setting in, VIC / NSW boarder in sight.

Day 15 Update

Tuesday 15th Sep
Total Virtual km: 175 of 666 Hello Euroa! We have made it to this charming heritage town on our way to Poppy in Canberra. Over ¼ of our kilometres completed so far. Stage 4 Restrictions have eased slightly, we can now be outside exercising for 2 hours a day. 😊

DAY - 11

Thursday 10th Sep
VIRTUAL KM: 127 of 666 (539 to go) After today’s ride our virtual km will locate us just outside of Seymour. A huge thankyou for all the amazing messages of support & the donations.

Day 5 Distance Travelled

Friday 4th Sep
It is currently Day 5 of 66 and so far we have travelled 59km. Which means we have currently hit Cragieburn.

Map of traveling distance

Friday 4th Sep
Hey guys this is a map of our starting point and end point. In total this is 666km.

Day 3 Update

Wednesday 2nd Sep
Going strong so far, Storm is so tired from racking up puppy km :) She is passed out each night!! Day 3 = 38km complete, 628km to go!!!

Day 1

Monday 31st Aug
Day 1 was a great start. Thank you to all those who have donated, we are blown away with the amount of support so far. Both of us travelled 11km today whilst riding so starting off with 22km to our tally :)

Thank you to my Sponsors


Frank Priest

The number 666 has followed me around all of my working life. Therefore I pledge to donate one dollar per kilometre for this most worthy cause. PS: your grandfather, Gary, is a lovely man.


Sinéad Carey

Go Jordy, Cody and Storm! What a fantastic initiative. I am a stroke survivor and today has been one of those really difficult ones that all us survivors have at times. Seeing your story put a smile on my face. Thank you! Good luck on the journey. And best wishes to your Poppy as well x


Mum & Dad

You did it! Congratulations Jordy & Cody. We are thrilled with what you have achieved. The borders will be open soon & we can see Poppy soon.


David Delacoeur

Congratulations on your efforts in this great cause


Margie And Don Mcgrath

Well done boys, determination and enthusiasm that you must have learnt from your Poppy! He is the most generous and warm man! Gary was a good friend to my Mum and Dad for more than 30 years, Unforgettable was him playing the bagpipes at my Dad’s funeral ❤️ Good luck and well done!



Love you both. Great job guys.


Nick Staikos

Well done, both of you! All the very best for your Poppy.


Jemma, Tim, Callan And Tia

Well done Jordyn and Cody!! Hope Poppy is feeling much better soon xx


B, Luci, Avi & Ana

Well done Jordy & Cody!! I hope Poppy is 100% soon XXX


Adam And Mel Thompson

Love your work, Jordy! Well done to you and Cody for this brilliant initiative. Sending you both lots of love from both of us!


Jenny Cummings


Daryl Johnson

Hi Jordy and Cody, great to see you doing this to support your Poppy and others who have had a stroke . My dad had a stroke 10 years ago and he recovered well. He is still playing golf a couple of times a week mainly thanks to the great treatment he received . Enjoy your runs. Cheers Daryl


Andrew Krause

Well done Jordy and Cody! Congratulations on racing past the half way point in your goal. Keep up the great work!


Sally Steele

Good on you boys. Keep safe and keep smiling. 😀


Jeff & Wendy Freeman

Dear Jordyn and Cody, Such a wonderful gesture-I am on board. You have so inspired us. Wishing Gary a speedy recovery. Love Grandma and Grandpa


Daniel, Michelle, Geordan, Jaime & Kayce

Great work Jordyn and Codi.


Marg And Rob Van Aalst

Great work kids, poppy will be so thrilled when you reach your goal.


Steve, Cam, Elissa & Josh Cohen

A great cause and fantastic way to show your Pop how much you care. Jody & Cody - our family very happy to support your efforts. Hope you get to see Poppy soon and he recovers well.


Kay Bretz

Awesome initiative Jordy! I wish you all the best and enjoy the journey. I wish I could run the 666km for you.


Mum Dad

91km this week - you guys are doing an amazing job.


Mum And Dad

So proud of you. 84km for $84 . Can't wait to see what you do next week.


Laura Mcgrath

Much love to Gary and you all - good luck on your awesome journey!!


Fraser And Philippa Sharman-smith

We hope your Poppy is looked after well and makes a full recovery, and that you get time with him soon.


The Etyngolds

Your poppy is so loved by everyone and what you guys are doing is beautiful! We're super proud of you.


Elyse & Andrew Griffits

You guys are amazing! Lots of love, Elyse & Andrew


Francis Family

Great effort & great cause


Sam Rabbone

So proud of you Jordy and Cody! Thinking of you all. Love the Rabbone's



This is a great fundraiser Jordy (& Cody). Hope your Poppy is doing okay. Happy travelling


Wendy And Jeff Freeman(grandparents)

So thrilled you reached your target. Love you both lots. Grandma and Grandpa


Dan And Nat Levin

Jordy, you and Cody are amazing raising awareness and money for the Stroke Foundation. Everyone is behind you guys and are so proud. Wishing you all the best on your journey! Please send our love to Gary and we hope he is getting stronger each say. He is a wonderful man who is lucky to have you both as grandchildren.


Bonham Family

Congratulations Jordy and Cody - great idea for a great cause. Hope your Poppy is on the mend xx



Amazing effort! Keep running Jordy & Cody


Kaz, Roni, India & Orlando Steiner

Dear Jordy & Cody You go guys!!! We love you lots Aunty Kaz, Uncle Roni, India & Orlando


Harrison Family

Well done, great initiative and drive during a difficult time. Hope your grandfather is recovering.


Grace Greenwood

Great job Jordy, a cause very close to my heart!


Pam Cummings

Well done Jordyn and Cody


John And Lorraine Virag

Gary is a good friend from our days in the Queanbeyan Pipe Band. Thanks for your efforts to work for him this way


Hilton, Jodi, Jordan And Dylan Galgut

Proud of what you doing sending love


Chandra Ojha

Great cause and very innovative way to achieve your goal. All the very best and hope all goes well with your Poppy.


Patricia Culliver

Just brilliant




Richard Rossi

Hi Jordy and Cody, keep up the great work. Richard, Philippa, Lauren and Thomas



Hey Jordy and Cody Great initiative, I love it. I had a really close relationship with my Pop, and also worked as a residential carer for people with disabilities, including stroke victims, so I know what a difference your project will make. Just keep going, slow and steady, and wishing you strength and endurance! Ben



Well done Jordy! We wish Gary well.


Robyn Dale

Great job. I hope your poppy is on the mend and you can see him soon. X


Robyn Davies

Well done Jordy! I wish your Grandfather a speedy recovery. Enjoy the journey. Cheers Roby n


Kylie Mcrae

Well done kids - your Poppy will be so proud


Colistra Family

Well done boys you are inspirational rays of sunshine for everyone during these tough days xx


Marnie Harper

Keep up the great work Jordy & Cody!


Pitsa Binnion


Graeme Blank

Sorry to hear about your Poppy but what a great way to provide support to him and so many others. All the best with the challenge.


Mrs Masterson

Excellent work guys!! I hope you reach your goal!


Fiona Lawton

All the best for your grandfather's recovery and good health. Well done on a great initiative :-)


Robyn Newfield

Well done Jordy and Cody for raising funds for a great cause!!


Theresa Ford

Good luck Jordy and Cody!!


Craig Walsh

Good luck Jordy!


Jo-anne Robinson

Well done Jordy & Cody Your Poppy will be so proud of your incredible achievement


Craig Norenbergs


Family Stein-fooks

Keep up the good work guys. Im sure your Poppy is super proud and touched.



Well done guys


Dan Carroll

Fantastic work guys - this is a great cause and an excellent way to survive iso induced cabin fever. Hope to see you on the slopes next year!


Vivienne Rogis

So very wonderful!! You rock!!!


Ms Kuriata

Sorry to hear about your Poppy and so proud of you both for your initiative! My dog Curly says hi to Storm - they look very similar! :)


Craig Enever


Mark Freeman

Dear Jordy & Cody, So proud of you both! Thanks for raising awareness in support of the Stroke Foundation. Keep up the good work. Love, Uncle Mark


Brooke Gunn

Jordy and Cody! Keep running! Thanks for being amazing and showing all the love for your Grandpa ❤️ Hope he is recovering well. Just keep running!


Keira Blake



Zaacks Family


Carolyn Dickinson (gwsc Rn)

Good luck Jordy power on you are amazing


Kellie Felmingham


Shirley Munro

Well done to you both. Love the creative ways you are going to reach your target. My mother had a stroke 8 years ago and it has devastated her life.


Rachel Green



Amazing! Well done to you both :)


The Blake Family

Good luck, we know you can do it and will be supporting you along the way!! Go get em 👊🏼


Craig And Dina Goldberg

Very special idea. Good luck guys!


Christene Altamura

Heard you on 3aw, really impressed by your dedication and love for your grandfather - best of luck to you all


Greg Hoskin

Great work Jordy and Cody


Ellen Parry

Well Done Jordy! Proud of you as always.


Cat Braniska

So proud of you ❤️


Julie Walter

Great cause - all the best!


Lasnitzki Family

Hope your Poppy is ok. Great idea. Good luck.


Jacqui Goldenberg


Kate Jobson

Great work Jordy and Cody! All the very best :-)


Katarina Vrisk

Such a positive way to support your Poppy. Good luck with your goals.


Nicole Souery


Michael Kan


Natalie, Kelly & Aaron Backshell

Way to go!!! Give Uncle Gary a huge virtual hug when you hit your goal xx


Frank Russo

This is an awesome idea, you guys will smash it and perhaps even a return trip?


Emma Griffingham

Great work Jordy! Happy running!


Susan Ennis

Fantastic effort. Wishing you grandfather all the best