Jess and Michael run for the Stroke Foundation

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A much improved 5k!

Sunday 10th Oct

Michael's speedy 10k!

Sunday 10th Oct

We did it!

Sunday 10th Oct
Today Michael and I donned our Stroke Foundation singlets and headed out for our races. The last 10 weeks of training have been tough but we gave it our all and both managed to hit PBs.

We would like to extend our deepest thanks and gratitude to all of you that have donated and helped us raise awareness in some way. We are so grateful to have had your support.

Halfway point!

Friday 10th Sep

An update from Jess:

Today Michael and I ran the final run of week 4!

We have been following our training plans closely. Weโ€™ve worked through some scary speed runs, a few long weekend runs and lots of recovery runs in between.

We are yet to hear whether the Melbourne Marathon Festival will be postponed or cancelled but we want to assure all of our generous donors that we will go ahead on 10 October regardless.

Getting out for a run is a great way to reduce your risk of stroke and comes with a ton of mental and physical health benefits. You donโ€™t have to be the fastest or fittest, you just have to show up!

Once again, thank you for all your generous donations and support. You are making a huge different to an organisation I have reaped the benefits from firsthand. As always, please familiarise yourself with FAST and share with your friends and family.

Face - check their face. Has their mouth drooped?
Arms - can they lift both arms?
Speech - is their speech slurred? Do they understand you?
Time is critical - if you see any of these signs, call 000 now!

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good luck Jessica, well done you for raising money for such a good cause



Good luck with the run, Jess!


Kellie Wayman

This is a fantastic cause. Good Luck Jessica!


Alan Thorsager


Jeff Baker


Yolanda Lonbardo

Great cause...


Penny Nikoloudis

Go Jess!


Benjamin Lombardo






Maddi Cracknell

Such a great cause Jessy, so proud of you. Good luck!


Billie Guest


Lisa Cracknell

Such a wonderful cause Jess - well done!


Emily Grutzner

Great stuff Jess- good luck with the run!


Tim T

Great job Jess - good luck with the rest of the training! :)


Patricia-rae Ferguson

Good luck for the run Jess!



Can't wait to see you two smash your runs! You've got this in the bag!


Emma Startup

Good luck!



You'll be crushing those hill reps in no time! Luv ur work!


Tash Pasa

Yeowww!! Couldn't be more inspiring. Onya Jess + Michael ๐Ÿฅฐ


Karen Richardson

Good luck Jessica, glad are ok now, lots of love x



Great work Jess!


Kim Le

Proud of you Jess! Look forward to seeing you smash 5km! <3


Lana Yang

Good on you Jess!!



Well done Jess!!


Karen Odonnell


Rajendra Aribenchi

Good luck


Will Francis

Go Jess!


Jack Keleher

You're a star, Jess! Good luck.


Juway Pak

Great of you to do this Jess! killing it!


Naomi Lee

Good luck Jess!


Billie H

Go Jess!


Jacinta Cox

Amazing work, Jess! Good luck with the run :)


Lydia Baker



Charlie Bui

Good luck on your run!!!


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