get active your way


Choose your activity

We all have different lifestyles, passions and abilities, how you get active will look different for everyone.

Choose an activity that suits you.

Below are a few ideas  

Create a Fundraise4Stroke page

Create your own dedicated page, which you can customise, and set a fundraising target.

Share and Invite

Share your page with family, friends and colleagues and ask them to support your fundraising efforts.

Create your own challenge

Get Active4Stroke your way by choosing an activity that suits you.

Stroke recovery goals

Set yourself some realistic goals to achieve within a certain timeframe.


Join a fun run or fitness event

Join Team Stroke in a range of fun runs and fitness events across Australia.  


Become a Team Stroke trekker

Join our upcoming trek - The Overland trek in October 2023. 


Getting started can be the hardest part.

To help set you up for success, all you need to do is raise $100 on your fundraising page and you will unlock your free Team Stroke exercise singlet.

When you achieve this milestone, let us know your size, and make sure your profile is up to date including your postal address.

You can find our size range here.


Tommy Quick is an incredible athlete and a survivor of stroke.

In 2021 Tommy set off on a once in a lifetime challenge, to cycle on his recumbent bike to the four most extreme points of Australia, from Steep Point in Western Australia to Cape York in far north Queensland, covering over 9,000 kilometres. Over the past two years, Tommy has undertaken countless conversations to raise awareness of young stroke and break down social perceptions. 

“I don’t like the word disabled. Everyone can set themselves a goal to do something – no matter how big or small it seems. I’d like to empower other stroke survivors to strive to do something they love. I have been working to make the Four Points of Australia idea a reality for four years.” 

Tommy has shared his journey and efforts to raise vital awareness around young stroke, social inclusion, and stroke prevention, treatment and care.

Tommy has raised over $60,000 to help Stroke Foundation fight stroke.

Need support with your fundraising?

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