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Many of the still images seen on the Fundraise4Stroke website were created in partnership with Andy Poole from pointfourfive.

Andy is a Melbourne-based photographer and cinematographer with a wide range of clients in the commercial and not for profit spaces. Andy is available for straightforward projects individually or much larger endeavours as part of a highly-capable creative team.

Stroke Foundation would like to thank Andy for his support to bring this project to life.

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With over nine years of experience in creating tailored content, we are thrilled that Marc has donated a portion of his time for Fundraise4Stroke.

Marc is an award-winning screen editor & director from Melbourne, Victoria. With a wealth of experience in both directing and editorial, Marc works extensively in the advertising space, creating compelling content that serves brands and agencies with a unique take on storytelling and an artistic integrity. Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, JohnnieWalker, Luxury Escapes, Omo, Boost Juice and now, Stroke Foundation. 

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