Sharyn Jury

Strokes4Stroke 2024

I’m excited to be a part of Strokes4Stroke

I've created an artwork to raise much needed funds for Stroke Foundation to help prevent stroke, save lives and enhance recovery. 

I have done this to honour my father’s many battles with stroke and all the beautiful people who lovingly supported him, right to the end.

Did you know that stroke can affect anyone at any time, even babies in utero? Shockingly, there is one stroke occurring every 19 minutes, making it one of Australia's biggest killers. It claims more lives than breast cancer in women and more lives than prostate cancer in men. And incredibly, approximately 600 Australian children suffer from stroke each year. 

With every donation you make, you'll unveil one square of my artwork, bringing me closer to reaching my fundraising goal and revealing my complete masterpiece! Can you help me by making a donation? 

Please note, this is my interpretation of an artwork by Carla Banks who you can find on all social media platforms. 

Appreciate any support you are able to make x

  • Tile donated by Sharyn Jury

  • Tile donated by Jules

  • Tile donated by Julie Jones

  • Tile donated by Neip

  • Tile donated by Fiona

  • Tile donated by Nicki Stewart

  • Tile donated by Bec Peel

  • Tile donated by Annette & Tony

  • Tile donated by Tam

  • Tile donated by Jesse Jury

  • Tile donated by Sophie B

  • Tile donated by Thelma Dingle

  • Tile donated by Sue Wickes

  • Tile donated by Rachel Howell

  • Tile donated by Ken Smith

  • Tile donated by Lisa Moss


Thank you to my Sponsors


Annette & Tony


Sharyn Jury


Nicki Stewart

This is such a fabulous project , well done my friend


Jesse Jury

Love you Mum xx


Thelma Dingle

Your Dad would be very proud of you Sharyn, you are so creative and talented in so many ways



Good luck 👍


Rachel Howell

Thank you Richard for all your life gifts you taught me x


Sophie B


Julie Jones

Congratulations and making your dad proud of his girl again xx



Very clever Shaz. Good karma. Proud of you x


Bec Peel



Wonderful Sharyn, all the best 🪶


Ken Smith

Great work, Shaz for a good cause. Proud of you. ♥️


Sue Wickes


Lisa Moss

Your art is amazing, as are you ❤️