In Loving Memory of Robert Cosier (Opar)

By Mikaylee Dunne

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Welcome to my In Loving Memory tribute page.

Opar was a father to 4 children and a grandfather to 8 of us grandchildren. On the 16th of December 2021, Opar suffered a stroke. It was so sudden and such a shock for us to receive that phone call. We sat and held his hand for hours that night in the hospital, and on the 17th of December, after waiting for all of the family to say goodbye, Opar took his last breath, then a couple hours later in the early hours of December 18th his heart stopped beating. 

Opar would have done absolutely anything for his family and loved taking his grandkids on day outs for one on one time. We all miss you so much Opar, Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. 

I am hoping to raise money to save lives and to prevent other families going through this grief.

Love, Mikaylee xx


This is a space for family and friends to make a donation and leave messages of love and support.

Stroke Foundation is committed to a world free from disability and suffering caused by stroke. Stroke is one of Australia's biggest killers and there is one stroke every 19 minutes. With your support Stroke Foundation will:

💙 Prevent Stroke – by empowering a greater proportion of adult Australians to recognise the risks of stroke which can be changed, and in doing so increase their chances of preventing stroke.

💙 Save Lives – by supporting hospitals and healthcare providers across Australia to strengthen their capabilities in stroke care and rehabilitation services.

💙 Enhance Recovery – by reaching out to those impacted by stroke to ensure more Australians can connect with and access trustworthy information, resources and post-stroke support.

Together we can change the state of stroke in Australia for the generations to come.

Thank you for your support.

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