Help fight stroke at school through a bake sale or gold coin casual clothes day

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Get together at school to raise funds to prevent, treat and beat stroke.

Get creative and playful at school. Choose a gold coin donation for casual clothes day; host a bake sale; a market stall; sporting days; arts festival.

We have lots of schools who support the Stroke Foundation. We have great resources to support your fundraising efforts at school. Get in touch or set up a fundraising page today.

Meet Elliot and Sophie

Elliot and Sophie are brother and sister. Together and at their own school they raise funds for the Stroke Foundation as Sophie is a childhood stroke survivor.

Elliot worked with his school to raise awareness of the F.A.S.T. message and create the first StrokeSafe School. He held a dress up day F.A.S.T. theme, and was given a gold coin donation from each student.

$2 Cookie stall was set us to raise even more money. Awareness posters for each class room in the junior school and 320 F.A.S.T. spinners for the children.

The outcome was that over 300 children learnt the F.A.S.T message and Elliot raised $914. Posters are now in each classroom.

Sophie’s school raised funds for the Stroke Foundation through their free dress day and cupcake sale.

Help fight stroke at school through a bake sale or gold coin casual clothes day

Get Started

Need support

We would love you have your school’s support. It’s important when you choose to fundraise for the Stroke Foundation you have approval from your school and parents are happy to help and support you with your fundraising. Give us a call if you’re you need any help with this.

We have some fantastic resources for your day.

We have Stroke Safe Ambassadors who can also help to share the F.A.S.T. message at your event. 

We will be in touch once you set up your fundraising page or you can give us a call on 1300 194 196 or email